Mission Statement

The purpose of a critique is to have a conversation about your work. This is a conversation that you cannot have with yourself, nor can you generally have it on social media. But it is a conversation that you can have here. The critics are carefully selected for their professional history and academic experience. Being able to create an amazing photograph isn’t always the best attribute of a good critic. A good critic needs to thoughtfully scrutinize a photograph with a discerning eye. Aside from being able to find areas of strength and weakness, the critic needs to be able to articulate it in a diplomatic and encouraging way. The critics that will be evaluating your work have the traits I have listed above. They possess the perfect combination of professional experience, academic training and eloquent articulation that will instill confidence in their advice.

The Professional Photo Critique is a place for professionals, students, amateurs and shutterbugs of all shapes and sizes. It is a community for learning and growth. Disagreement is expected, and in fact, encouraged in order to have an enlightening conversation about photography. When leaving comments, please be courteous of the feelings of others.